30 questions you should answer

Here you have my answers, feel free to answer your and let me know ^_^

1 : First ever kpop group: UKISS
2 : Kpop group that made you keep on listening to kpop: BIGBANG
3 : Favorite Boy Group: BIGBANG
4 : Favorite Girl Group: SPICA
5 : Favorite solo artist: G-DRAGON
6 : Top 5 Guy biases: GD (BIGBANG), Ravi (VIXX), Hanbyul (LED APPLE), P.O (Block B), Junsu (JYJ)
7 : Top 5 Girl biases: Ga In (B.E.G), Lee Hyori, Hyuna, Minzy (2NE1), Sunmi
8 : Top 10 Songs (of the moment): Taeyang – Ringa Linga, VIXX – Voodoo Doll, Gray – In My Head, Block B – Very Good, Gummy &BigBrother – Only One, GD – Crooked, Jaejoong – Butterfly, T-ARA – Number 9, Spica – Tonight, Outsider feat. Go – Bye U,
9 : Top 5 most played songs on my Playlist (Itunes or whatever): Block B – Very Good, Teen Top – Rocking, Outsider feat. GO – Bye U, Bigstar – Run, Step – Kara
10 : Every artist/group you listen to: that would be an endless list – main artist I listen now: JYJ, Junsu, Jaejoong, Epik High, Infinite, GD, BigBang, Kara, Teen Top, Spica, VIXX, LedApple, Teen Top, Block B, Henry, Shinhwa, U-Kiss, Nu’est, N’train, FT Island, MBLAQ
11 : #1 Bias in your top 5 groups of the moment: BigBang – GD, VIXX – Ravi, Block B – P.O./Zico, JYJ – Junsu, Epik High – Tablo
12 : Top MalexMale OTP: not into it
13 : Top FemalexFemale OTP: idem
14 : Top MalexFemale OTP; idem
15 : How many albums you own: 10
16 : How many official posters you own:2
17 : Idol you look up to: GD
18 : Group I look up to: JYJ, Shinhwa
19 : A group that you would spend every single penny on: BigBang
20 : How many concerts you’ve been to: surely around 40, but just 1 was a kpop concert LOL
21 : How many fan-signings i’ve been to: impossible thing in Italy xD
22 : Best Dance group/solo: Taeyang – Ringa Linga
24 : Best Vocalist: Junsu
25 : Group you consider family: Shinhwa, BigBang, VIXX
26 : Group that you will be with no matter what: BigBang, VIXX
27 : Why do you listen to kpop? Because kpop helped me through a tough time, it’s mostly my “good mood” music
28 : Favorite album from your #1 Group/Artist: Alive
29 : Favorite era: all of them LOL
30 : Unpopular opinion on an artist you listen to: really upset about the whole JYJ – SM Entertainment ban


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