VIXX IS BACK with “Voodoo Doll” MV

Finalmente vi posso aggiornare sugli eventi di uno dei miei gruppi preferiti, i VIXX! Hanno rilasciato  il 20 novembre il loro MV per “Voodoo Doll”, dopo due teaser MV che mi hanno decisamente esaltata tantissimo. Con questo comeback mi hanno dato la conferma che sono un gruppo in costante crescita, che migliorano canzone dopo canzone e che si divertono a fare quello che fanno.

Finally I have some time to update you on one of my favorite groups, VIXX. On the 2oth , they released an amazing MV for “Voodoo Doll” – I was so excited about it because the teaser MV were so great! And, de facto, this comeback, this MV and this song are amazing! This was the confirmation that this rookie group is constantly  growing, that they are still improving and apparently they’re having fun doing what they’re doing.

Questo MV é decisamente sanguinolento, macabro e puó fare molta impressione. Tra pelle che viene tagliata, bucata e griffettata, non so se effettivamente sia un video per tutti, ma penso decisamente di no. Alla sottoscritta, queste cose un po’ trash fanno impazzire ed é per questo motivo che ho adorato il MV. Ad essere sincera, le prime volte che l’ho visualizzato sono rimasta completamente affascinata dalla coreografia e dal look di questi ragazzi, mettendo in secondo piano la canzone. Il salto che fanno fare a Ken é una cosa molto particolare, anche se (ovviamente) sono stati accusati di averlo copiato da un’altro gruppo. Sinceramente, a me non importa, penso che sia particolare, che ci sta benissimo nel concept di questa canzone. Soprattutto se lo si combina con la scena successiva dove Ken viene tenuto fermo dagli altri membri creando un quadro decisamente particolare. Adoro inoltre il fatto che sono sempre tutti e 6 coordinati nelle loro coreografie, non so perché ma nei VIXX é una cosa che mi é sempre saltata nell’occhio.


This MV is very bloody and certainly creepy – therefore it’s not a MV for everyone and it’s understandable. Between cutted, pierced and stapled skin, brains and creepy contact lenses, I must say that I was completely ovewhelmed by this MV since I’m a fan of this kind of  “trash” MV. To be honest , the first few times that I’ve seen it,I was completely fascinated by the choreography and the looks of the guys, and the song was almost completely ignored . Ken’s jump is a very special thing , though (of course) they have been accused of copying it from another group. Honestly, I do not care,  I think it is special and that it fits into the concept of the song . Especially if you combine it with the next scene where Ken is trapped by the other members while singing – for me,  a very special scenario. I also love tthat all 6 are always so synchronized in their choreography , I do not know why but this thing was always something i noticed and appreciated in VIXX.

Il look dei VIXX per me in questo video è una cosa fenomenale ed il tutto viene risaltato da delle riprese in primo piano che rendono felice ogni singolo fan dei VIXX. Penso che specialmente Hongbin venga valorizzato tantissimo in questo MV, confermandomi ancora una volta che è un ragazzo davvero bello. Ravi impressiona grazie ad una marea di tatuaggi e le lenti che coprono completamente l’occhio, N ha il suo solito fascino come lo hanno anche Leo e Hyuk.

voodoo1  voodoo2  voodoo8   voodoo6voodoo5 voodoo4

The looks in this video are phenomenal for me and match perfectly with the creepy concept of the MV. I think that especially Hongbin is very handsome in MV. Ravi impresses thanks to a bunchbody covered in tattoos and creepy contact lenses, N has his usual charm as also Leo and Hyuk.

La ragazza che nel MV si diverte con la bambola voodoo si chiama Song Haena e da quello che ne so è una modella. Penso che il suo ruolo sia adatto al concept del MV e che il suo modo di recitare sia buono. Mi fa impressione vederla con una faccia sorridente (un po’ psycho) che si diverte ad infilzare la bambola voodoo per poi vedere i singoli membri dei VIXX contorcersi dal dolore. Per non parlare della scena finale con Hongbin in cui lo infilza con un’ago enorme per poi accarezzarlo dolcemente facendoci capire che è di sua proprietà fa davvero impressione.

hongbin1  hongbin2  hongbin3  hongbin4  hongbin5

The girl in the MV having fun with the voodoo doll is called Song Haena and from what I know she’s a model. I think her role is appropriate for the concept of the MV and his acting is good. It makes me feel weird seing her with a smiling face (a little psycho tough) who likes to stab the voodoo doll and then see the individual members of Vixx twisting in pain. her final scene with Hongbin is absolutely creepy – seeing her doing harm to the helpless Hongbin, caressing him and clearly  declaring “he’s mine” is a breathtaking moment of the MV.

La canzone a me piace molto, anche se ho letto che a molti non fa impazzire. Penso che il ritornello ti entra subito in testa, come lo è il “tick tack” e il “should I go should I stay nobody knows“. La voce di Ken domani tantissimo in questa canzone, un po’ meno del solito quella di Leo, ma nei live sicuramente si farà valere. Invece penso che i rap di Ravi siano più deboli del solito, normalemente risaltano tantissimo nelle loro canzoni. Il testo della canzone è molto particolare, leggetevello qua sotto!

 I like the song a lot, but I also know that many are not crazy about it. The chorus, the “tick tack” and the “should I go should I stay nobody knows” are really catchy. The voice of Ken is dominant  in this song, a little less than usual Leo’s, but during the live performances I’m sure this is going to change. Instead, I think Ravi’s rapping is weaker than usual, normaly it stands out so much in the song. The Lyrics are impressive, read through them!


credits as tagged

nareul bulleo nega mami
apeulttae naege man teoreo
nwa nugul won haneunde
shiganeul dollyeo julkka
maeumeul gatda julkka
ijeul su eobseul ttaen
gajyeoya hajanha

nareul midgo ttara haebwa
geuneun naege dora onda
shiganeun neoui pyeon
neon geunyang gidaryeora
geuga neol ullin mankeum
naega da ullyeo julkke
jjaekkag jjaekkag da irwojirira

gajil su eobtdamyeon
geunyang neol wihae salgesseo
eolmadeunji neoramyeon
dachil junbiga dwae isseo

ije buteo jalbwa
naega mworhaneunji
neoramyeon hanmom
akkabji anheun na
ireum mandae nugudeun
naega da deryeo olkkeoya
jjaekkag jjaekkag da irwojirira

angil su eobtdamyeon
nal balbgo ireoseo
nugudo hamburo
neol mot daehage
eotteohan iyurahaedo
neon naega piryo hada
neol wihae ssauneun
inhyeongi dwaejul na

apeun nuneul jilkkeun gamgo
neoreul wihae dallyeo ganda
jebal nareul tteonaji man mara

nega wonhaneun geon
da gajyeoda julkke
jjaekkag jjaekkag da irwojirira

manggajin dahaedo
neoui sonkkeute seoramyeon
on sesangui nunmureul da
heullil naega yeogi isseo

ije buteo jalbwa
naega mworhaneunji
neoramyeon hanmom
akkabji anheun na
ireum mandae nugudeun
naega da deryeo olkkeoya
jjaekkag jjaekkag da irwojirira

Should I go should I stay nobody knows
Should I go should I stay nobody knows
Yeah, jiogui muneul yeoreora
geunyeoreul nunmul heullige mandeun
joein a pinunmul heullyeora
bulleora jeojuui norae ne naemyeone
gamchun bunnodeureul marhaebwa
nae yugshini neorwihan jemuri dwae
ne haengboge nareul bachil kke

utneun neoui eolgul
hanbeon imyeon joghae
naega daeshin da hae
nega baraneun geot
nae nameun shigandeuri
jureodeun daedo

nuga dwaetdeun jal bwa
geu nyeol ulliji ma
deo isang irheul
mueotdo eobtneun na
geu nugudo moreuneun nae
gaseum sogui seulpeumeun
jjaekkag jjaekkag da sarajirira

Should I go should I stay nobody knows
Should I go should I stay nobody knows
da irwojirira


English: POP!GASA

Call me when your heart is
aching Tell me everything,
who do you want?
Want me to turn back time?
Want me to give you my heart?
When you can’t forget,
you should take

Trust me and repeat after me,
“He will come back to me”
Time is on your side,
all you have to do is wait
I’ll make him cry as much
as he made you cry Tick tock
tick tock, may it all be fulfilled

If I can’t have you,
I will just live for you
If it’s you, I’m ready to
get hurt as much as I can

Look carefully at what
I’m going to do now
If it’s you, I don’t care
about saving my body Just say
the name, whoever it is I will
bring them all here Tick tock
tick tock, may it all be fulfilled

If you can’t be embraced,
just step on me and stand up
So that no one
can mistreat you
Whatever reason
it may be, you need me
Because I’ll become a doll
who will fight for you

I will tightly shut my painful eyes
For you, I will run
Please, just don’t leave me

I will bring you everything
you want Tick tock tick tock,
may it all be fulfilled

Even if I get ruined by
the tip of your fingers
I am here to shed all
the tears of the world

Look carefully at what
I’m going to do now
If it’s you, I don’t care
about saving my body Just say
the name, whoever it is
I will bring them all here Tick tock
tick tock, may it all be fulfilled

Should I go I stay Nobody Know
Should I go I stay Nobody Know
Open the doors of hell
You sinners who made her shed
tears, may you shed tears of blood
Sing the song of curses, tell me
about your hidden anger My body
becomes a sacrifice for you I will
sacrifice myself for your happiness

Just seeing you smile
once is enough for me
I’ll do everything
that you want for you
Even if my
remaining life decreases

Whoever it is, look carefully,
don’t make her cry
I have nothing more to lose
The sadness in my heart
that no one knows about
Tick tock tick tock,
may it all disappear

Should I go I stay Nobody Know
Should I go I stay Nobody Know
May it all be fulfilled


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